Does My Tree Have a Disease?

Local master contractors - Pro Forums Faq Pages - Realize that they are part of nature and its complex ecosystem. . The best thing to do is enjoy the shape and color of the various lichens as they grow on your trees and shrubs. Lichens will grow on healthy plants as well, but have little effect on the health of the plant. There are more important things to be concerned about than lichens growing on your trees ..More

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Why Is My Lawn So Bumpy?

Best Local master contractors - Talk To An Expert - Forum - The unevenness or bumpiness is caused by the normal activity of earthworms. . It seems to be more of a concern in the spring than at any other time of year. These castings are very rich in beneficial microorganisms that help to breakdown thatch and provide nutrients to the surrounding plants. This is a question that many customers have asked over the years. As they move up and down within the soil profile, they will surface to look for organic material to pull underground on which to feed. The holes that they leave behind help with lawn aeration as well. When they surface, they leave behind small piles of soil and mucus called castings ..More

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Does Your Maple Tree Have Blacks Spots On Its Leaves?

Locate licensed contractors - Talk To An Expert - Forum - There are some differences on what the spots may end up looking like at maturity, depending on the species of maple on which it is growing. . The spots enlarge and they slowly turn into black spots. The disease first manifests itself as small pale yellow spots on the leaf surface ..More

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First Detector Forest Pest Training

Best Local professional contractors - Blogs - Faq's - Answers - S. . The first pest discussed was the Emerald Ash Borer which is causing the death of literally millions of trees in the Midwest and is moving outward from there. Currently, it can be found in 15 states and in Canada and has the potential to make its way across the entire continental U ..More

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