They're Back Understanding and Controlling Japanese Beetles

10 Best reputed professional contractors - Homeowner Blog Pages - . The grubs will feed for about 6 to 8 weeks, feeding on soil, grass roots and other organic material in the soil. At this time of year, the adults are feeding andmating and the females are laying eggs in lawns. In the spring, they will rise back up to the upper soil zone, do some light feeding, form a cocoon and pupate back into adults next summer. They are the adult stage of an annual white grub. In mid to late October, they will dig themselves deep down into the ground where they stay over winter. Japanese Beetles are easily recognizable by their copper-colored wing covers and by the white tufts of hair on their back end. The eggs hatch into grubs about two to three weeks after they are laid ..More

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Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

Best Local certified contractors - Helpful Links - Repair, Maintenance & installation - . It could also mean that the wrong type of head is installed. Spray heads and rotors can get clogged or go out of alignment. That is why it is important to have it checked by a professional at least once during the summer. Having your system checked on a regular basis can save water and can save you money. Many people set their system to start early in the morning, so they will rarely know if it is truly functioning properly. Sometimes this can be determined when a portion of the lawn does not stay green ..More

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Why Is My Lawn So Bumpy?

Popular nationwide residential contractors - Blog With Contractors - When they surface, they leave behind small piles of soil and mucus called castings. It seems to be more of a concern in the spring than at any other time of year. The holes that they leave behind help with lawn aeration as well. These castings are very rich in beneficial microorganisms that help to breakdown thatch and provide nutrients to the surrounding plants. As they move up and down within the soil profile, they will surface to look for organic material to pull underground on which to feed. . The unevenness or bumpiness is caused by the normal activity of earthworms. This is a question that many customers have asked over the years ..More

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Lawn Care Day of Service Project in Central & Northern Illinois

Local contractors - Service Repairman Blogs - This is the second year in a row that we have provided lawn care and landscape servicesA  to help beautify the grounds at the cemetery. . Member companies from Central and Northern Illinois pitched in to aerate, over seed, fertilize, add new plant materials and spread mulch to selected areas across the cemetery grounds. On Saturday, April 20, the Illinois Professional Lawn Care AssociationA  (IPLCA) completed a service project at the Danville National Cemetery in Danville, Illinois ..More

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My Evergreen Tree is All Brown, What Should I Do?

Directory Listing Of emergency contractors - Ask And Expert - Faqs - Message Board - A  Many times, two or three die in the middle of a row of 15 or 20 plants that have all grown to be about 8 feet tall and the biggest ones you can find as a replacement are only 4 feet high. A  Unfortunately, there is no amount of tree careA  that can bring those trees back. A  They will eventually grow up to match the height of the other plants, but it can take many years to do so. It can be discouraging to the homeowner to replace the dead trees with new ones. . The only thing that can be done with those trees is to cut them down. We had numerous reports of arborvitaes dying throughout the drought areas in 2012 ..More

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