Does My Tree Have a Disease?

Popular nationwide technicians - Repair Repairman - Forum Pages - Lichens are a composite organisms consisting of a fungus and a photosynthetic partner growing together in a symbiotic relationship. They will grow on rocks, buildings, walls, roofs and trees and shrubs. They are known to grow in almost every climate found on earth. They can grow in deserts and in the arctic. . . They are long-living organisms that can survive droughts and floods. They can be used to make dyes and serve as food for many creatures, even humans. Lichens are very beneficial to nature's ecosystem ..More

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Why Does My Lawn Have a Disease and My Neighbor's Lawn Doesn't?

Local licensed contractors - Service Expert Forums - Getting back to the original question, the reason why the disease developed in the lawn was that the right environment existed for a long enough time for the pathogen to develop and infect the host plant. Even though the lawn next to your lawn does not have a disease, it has the potential to develop it at some future time when conditions are right. ..More

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Why are There Still Leaves on my Tree?

Local contractors - Resources & Guides - Repair, Maintenance & installation - Success depends on the extent of the damage. . There are treatments available that will help combat this destructive insect. . A  In some cases, the only solution is to remove the tree ..More

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Who Is Tired Of Mowing Their Lawn Every Four Days?

Directory listing of emergency contractors - Forums For Dummies - maintenance, upgrades, inspections & installations - This can be a problem when the grass grows higher than normal. . Many people don't have the opportunity to mow but once a week. You will notice from the picture to the right that the area that was just mowed still has a nice green color. Even when your lawn gets real long, if you mow high, it will retain most of its green color. The key to having a green lawn, above anything else, is to mow high ..More

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Does Your Maple Tree Have Blacks Spots On Its Leaves?

Top 10 Best certified contractors - Coummunity Forum Pages - The best management practice is to rake and destroy the leaves when they fall during the summer or during normal fall leaf drop. . The disease does not cause any long term damage to the tree, but it can reduce the aesthetic appeal of the tree if the leaves are covered in black spots. If you wish to mulch the leaves, cover them with a tarp until the following summer. This will reduce the number of spores available to re-infect the tree the following spring ..More

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