Active Grubs in June?

List Of emergency contractors - Contractor Blogs - Once it warms up again in the spring, they will rise just up into the root zone, continue feeding for a while, but not enough to cause any real damage to the growing grass. The adult flies around for 4 to 6 weeks, laying eggs during the summer and then the whole process starts again. . Then, the grubs will burrow down into the ground, pupate, and turn into an adult ..More

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Lawn Care Day of Service Project in Central & Northern Illinois

List Of residential contractors - Repair DIY Wikipedia - The IPLCA has participated in this event for the last 5 years at both the Danville National Cemetery and at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Joliet, Illinois. . It has been an honor to work the properties and help to beautify the final resting place for many of our fallen heroes ..More

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Why Is My Lawn So Bumpy?

Popular technicians - Forum - Ask A Question - It seems to be more of a concern in the spring than at any other time of year. The unevenness or bumpiness is caused by the normal activity of earthworms. These castings are very rich in beneficial microorganisms that help to breakdown thatch and provide nutrients to the surrounding plants. The holes that they leave behind help with lawn aeration as well. . As they move up and down within the soil profile, they will surface to look for organic material to pull underground on which to feed. This is a question that many customers have asked over the years. When they surface, they leave behind small piles of soil and mucus called castings ..More

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Fall Yard Clean-Up Work

Top 10 contractors - Technician Forums - com. . As you're preparing for the snow to fall, check out more of our fall lawn care tips on Spring-Green ..More

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Squirrel Damage: The Feeding Habits of Red Squirrels

Listings Of licensed contractors - Let's Talk - Forum Pages - They don't like any intruders wandering into their territory and will bark or chatter at any and all intruders. I can attest to the fact that they will sit on a bird feeder and stuff themselves with sunflower seeds for a good portion of the day. . Red squirrels are very territorial and will aggressively defend their realm from encroachment of other squirrels ..More

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