Why are There Still Leaves on my Tree?

10 Best reputed professional contractors - Repair & Service Forums - The person stated that some leaves were turning brown during the summer and that they figured it was due to the drought that much of the Midwest experienced this year. I recently received a question from a person asking why their ash tree still has leaves on it at this late date. ..More

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My Evergreen Tree is All Brown, What Should I Do?

Directory Listing Of commercial contractors - Consumer Blogs - A  An evergreen tree, on the other hand, does not have that sameA  ability. A  Once the needles or fronds turn brown, they stay brown. When a deciduous tree loses its leaves, there is often still hope for its recovery. A  Depending on the cause of the browning, an evergreen may be able to generate new growth from the tips, but sometimes the tree ends up looking like a tree made up of bottle brushes. When I get a picture of an evergreen tree that has turned brown, there is usually little hope of it surviving. . A  Deciduous trees have the ability to regenerate new leaves, often within the same growing season ..More

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

Popular industrial contractors - Home Service Forums - When it comes to watering your lawn, there is no one-size-fits-all answer in terms of how much or how often you should do so during the spring season. Generally, in this case, it is best to introduce about one inch of water per week. In most regions, enough natural rainfall is produced in the spring to make watering unnecessary. . However, supplemental watering should be done in the event of drought periods especially if drought conditions are accompanied by warm temperatures ..More

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What Do You Do About Dog Damage?

Search and locate contractors - Helpful Links - inspections, maintenance, replacements & upgrades - One of the more frequent questions I receive concerns ways to repair dog damage to a lawn, especially in the weeks after the snow has melted away. When the rest of the lawn begins to green up, the damaged spots show up like a sore thumb. If you live in the Snow Belt, you realize that sometimes it is difficult for your dog to find a place to relieve itself. . Piles of snow, drifts and the size of the dog can hamper its ability to use different spots, so they often end up using the same spot ..More

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